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    Diecast Scale Replicas

    Kaiser - Frazer

    1951 Henry J
    The Henry J from Kaiser-Frazer has been done in 1:18 scale in the Platinum Series by Sunstar. It is still available, with trunk, in Cape Verde Green Metallic and Caribbean Coral and as a Taxi. Without trunk, it comes in Yellow or painted as Thrillcade. Both versions feature opening doors & hood, the trunk opens on ones with a trunk. Prices range from $54.99 to $84.99 HERE.

    953 Kaiser Manhattan
    The 2 door Kaiser Manhattan from Kaiser-Frazer was done in 1:18 scale by Highway-61. It featured an opening hood, doors and trunk. It is long since out of production and Highway-61 no longer makes model cars, however this model can still be found occasionaly on eBay.

    Most recent models are added to the bottom.